About Us

We’re a custom millwork manufacturer

With experience in a wide variety of commercial millwork applications and projects.

With our own installers, delivery vehicles, estimators, and designers, you can rest easy knowing that Modern Furniture will manage all aspects of your millwork project.

After over 15 years in the industry, we’ve pretty much built it all. You name the project, and we can fabricate according to your exact specifications – exact color, material, quality and style that your client requires and expects. Superior quality, deadline readiness, exemplary customer service, and competitive pricing will set us apart.

Meet the Team

Alex Rabinowitz

Director of Operations

Alex is all about the details; he loves making sure that every last process and project is correctly executed, down to the last knob. With over 16 years of experience in management and product deployment, Alex joined Modern Furniture to help deploy operations and scale our business further. With everything running smoothly and our customers and employees happy, we think Alex is a keeper. 

Anthony Sollicito

Director of Production Operations

Anthony is a master of technical challenges and oversees all the complex millwork, drafting, fabrication and installations that we’re known for. As an expert craftsman, Anthony has a deep understanding of every step of our processes whether installation, purchasing or finishing. Thanks to Anthony’s knack for problem solving and passion for quality, we have some very satisfied customers to boast of. 

Leon Lantsman


Leon has over 20 years of operations and finance experience but refused to be labeled ‘boring’. He spends his days on business strategy, developing company culture and managing the company’s overall financial activities. He is rather proud of his beard.  

Tom Bisaccio

Estimating/Purchasing Manager

Always busy, Tom leads the Estimating and Purchasing Departments while adding his skills to any project management or drafting and sketching projects. He enjoys the creative and collaborative process of working with contractors and property owners and seeing a job to completion. Few things make him happier than knowing seeing the cost efficient, high quality projects he works on come together for a thrilled client.

Jose Gonzalez

Director of Manufacturing

There isn’t a material out there that Jose doesn’t know how to use; 10 plus years of experience will do that to someone. At Modern Furniture, Jose manages all production processes and deliveries within our 7000 sq ft facility ensuring that projects get built and shipped on time (or earlier). Rumor has it that when Jose dreams in his sleep, even the people are made of wood, solid surface and laminate. 

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